Facial Enhancement Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture is a natural, non-surgical, non-invasive and safe alternative method of facial rejuvenation.

Our face and eyes are both our identification to the outer world and a reflection of our body’s internal world of health, vitality, with our thoughts and feelings in our expressions.

So much so that face reading is part of the diagnosis of the body’s internal health in Chinese Medicine and constitutes part of the facial treatment plan specifically tailored and unique to each client.

In the course of having facial enhancement treatment, we are addressing the underlying connective tissue and muscle tone of the face to aid the lifting effect in areas needed as well as stimulating collagen for plumping effects to the surface of the skin to help soften the lines.

The appearance after the treatment leaves a beautiful luminous glow through more firmed and toned skin and brighter shining eyes, known in Eastern tradition as the Illuminating of the Shen.

What to expect during the facial enhancement treatment

The entire treatment consists of three parts

Part One – Body Acupuncture Points

The experience of having facial rejuvenation by a Chinese medicine practitioner is unique as the underlying causes of different facial problems such as dark circles, puffy eyes, loose skin, acne, dry/oily skin, roscacea and eczema are representative of the body’s internal imbalance such as hormone disruption or fluid and energetic imbalance. Therefore an individual treatment plan is tailored to each client’s specific needs and treated in the facial protocol and additionally in the body acupuncture points to support the treatment prior to the facial application.

If there are no obvious issues showing in the face then the body acupuncture points are used prior to facial to ‘ground’ the client so that the treatment does not send all the Qi to the head during the treatment.

Part Two – Facial Acupuncture

The facial treatment involves the insertion of tiny intradermal needles into the lines and microfine acupuncture needles into the appropriate parts of the face and neck and head for the lifting and toning effect. The needling increases blood circulation to the face, bringing collagen to the epidermis, stimulates the facial muscles, oxygenating and increasing cell regeneration.

Part Three – Facial Massage

The treatment is followed by a unique massage firstly applying hyaluronic acid with B5 and skin healing cream to treat the skin after the needling which is absorbed into the skin by the Jade roller massage.

 continuing with the facial sculpting and Tuina facial massage for the totally feel-good factor as muscle tension is relieved using acupressure on certain points, leaving your face and skin feeling and looking rejuvenated and revitalised.

Session Duration

Each session duration is one and a half hours.

A course of treatments is required with gradually increasing effects visible after each session.

A minimum of three to four treatments is recommended to start showing the beneficial effects and seven to nine treatments for the full course. Depending on the individual client’s circumstances.

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  • Single session £65

Booking a course with payment in advance saves £5 per session

Minimum course is 3 sessions @ £60 each 

    Monthly top-up treatments available after 3 months of the completion of course.

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